Saturday, February 23, 2013

Julie K. Smith & Angie Savage in 'Hypnotica' due out April 1st on Cinemax


  1. Look who's back to the blogging world. Yes, you! And with news I can use. At first I was dreading April 15th as a tax deadline. Now I have Julie Smith to look forward to. Can't wait. Welcome back!

    1. My fav Dr. How's thing's mister hope 2013 is treatin ya right ;-) Sorry bout the date on this post but it's not the 15th it's actually the 1st... that's right, 'April fool's day!' It's perfect really!!! Hope you enjoy it.. Go ahead and save the date and please do share your thought's on your blog..can't wait! TTFN

    2. 2013 is looking up! April 1st is looking like a highlight. I was waiting for a late night flick to inspire me. Some JKS hypnosis sounds like good times.