Thursday, December 2, 2010



  1. Hail the chained barbarian queen.

  2. I am a student from Taiwan , I've never see any b-movies before until I start studying movie purly for interest. I really respect the documentary movie"popatopolis" and the first b-movie I saw called "dinosaur island(starred by antonia dorian)',which show our primitive desire sex and violence, those two important elements constitute half of our human being.(sex in a wide range of definition include birth ,death,living ...etc. )

    At first sight , I just regard b-movies as porno , but soon I found that these type of movies fully satisfied most of our halllow mind and empty psche, for example ,my favorite b-movie"midnight on meat train" also dealed with a critical judgement of our society.

    I don't know Jim's directing style and purpose , but I really appreciate those who have only one shot and no rehersals!.
    It's hard to buy ur movie in my country, and I am sad about that...No matter how, read your blog is my pleasure and as a
    observer's point , u contribute a tremendous work in the history of b-movies!

    How I wish one day I can go to america or french to study movies and write a historical biography of b-movies(I belive there are many books for this already.) And it's really nice to meet u (hardworking in finding ur movie on XD)