Monday, May 2, 2011

~Attitude of Gratitude~

In 1994 i was taken by surprise. Death came to visit, and it wasn't kind. It took 4 people that i held dear. It left me battered and living in fear, but not HOPELESS! I was introduced to Buddhism as a result, and everyday since; i start my day the same way... Before my feet touch the ground i meditate. Whilst meditating i remind myself of those days. Days so dark i thought I'd never see light again! Today i have an 'ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.' I'm so grateful for music, and whispers. HEALTH... My daughters smile, kisses, hugs & the sheer miracle that i would end up being a part of her magical life! When a friend needs me, and i can be there. The abundance of love that seems to show up in the strangest of places. To open my fridge, and feed the hunger that lies inside. To take a walk whenever i feel the urge, and the feet that carry me there. I'm grateful for forgiveness & freedom, and for all of my fans that listened to my share! I'm grateful to my family for their support & belief. Grateful to Fernandez for every lil butter kiss. To live is a gift, and I'm grateful everyday for the reasons... Thank you, thank you, thank you...~NAMASTE~ 

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