Saturday, April 26, 2014

You should have seen it in color

                                                          JKS 4.26.14


  1. JKS - I have long been an admirer of yours, and for several reasons. It goes without saying (though I'm currently in the process of saying it!) that you're gorgeous and cut an INSANELY hot figure. But you're also obviously smart, witty, and wise. Because of these attributes, I would LOVE seeing a JKS-hosted podcast or YouTube video series. Such a thing would be tremendous! I make this suggestion because, and I'm not gonna remember the film's title now, there was a sort of a companion mini-documentary thing you did, going behind the scenes of the low to no budget boob flick you were working on. I thought it was particularly interesting and VERY funny. I really was taken with you and enjoyed it immensely. I would love hearing more "inside baseball"-type stuff on your experiences in film, as well as your unique take on life in general. I can tell from your posts here on this blog that you would have all manner of interesting things to talk about. Now I realize I've been presumptuous here, but I thought I'd make the suggestion, since doing so couldn't hurt. Give it some thought. We could use more of your charm on the internet! So, having said all of that, I hope this message finds you and finds you well. Take care and keep having fun!

    1. Thank you J. Sterling Ellison and I am currently getting ready to launch a Webcam show. I will post updates here of course, so stay tuned darlin Xx